A Guacamole that Will Have You Developing Deep Feelings for Avocados

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I know. “Deep feelings?” you’re saying. It’s long been known we humans have a love of food. Good food gets all our attention, space on our Instagram feed, and time with our family and friends. Great food captures all our attention, and as far as guacamole recipes go, this ranks right up there.

How many times have you wanted to make delicious, creamy guacamole that you can’t put down? Several, right? It’s like the same number of times you could watch “Pure Country.” It’s something you just can’t quit doing. Although there are countless variations and family recipes that can make for a great dip, a tried and true recipe for great guacamole is like striking gold. This one can stand your tortilla chip on its end and support it upright like your circle of friends does for you when you’re coming off a bad breakup over a bottle of wine (or some great Texas bourbon… your call.) Men and women will come and go from our lives. Our jobs will change, our kids will grow up and move out, and the one-night-stand from your cousin Martha’s wedding who’s acting like a stage 5 clinger may even find greener pastures. But one thing is for sure: guacamole will always be there. Here is the recipe that will get you through the best and worst times of your life. What did I tell you? Feelings.


A Guacamole that Will Have You Developing Deep Feelings for Avocados

Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Hass avocados

White onion


Food & Wine shared the details here so you’ll know how to make this dreamy green concoction you’re going to want to get the ingredients for now. They have the amounts, the process, and the low-down on how to turn a night in with a beer and a side of sad into something you’ll look forward to. Guacamole has been known to anchor the tables of some epic feasts, and now it can be the backbone of you getting some backbone and carrying on with life. How could you not fall for food such as this?