Mashed Says ‘You’ve Been Making Guacamole The Wrong Way.’ Well, Have You?

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Giving you the top insider tips on how to make the best guacamole, Mashed has shared the details in a handy video that can not only correct the issues you may presently have but lead you down the path to the perfect dish of green perfection you’ve been wanting.

Here in Texas, we tend to make a dish or two of this wonderful dip and claim to know more than a thing or two about how not to proceed. So, we’re not entirely sure that some of these tips didn’t already go without saying for the seasoned cook/chef or backyard barbecue host. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to bone up on some things you might not necessarily pay attention to if you’re so used to simply doing things your own way.

Shared on the Mashed YouTube channel, “You’ve Been Making Guacamole The Wrong Way” is a video that’s worth viewing at least once. They cover tips from how best to pick a ripe avocado, how to help it along if it’s not ready to be used, and how to quickly get your batch of guacamole prepared before it oxidizes and turns a yucky brown color. Distinguishing between the proper juices to use (one for avocado toast and one for guacamole) can also help your recipe turn out best, and if you’re looking for add-ins, tomatoes appear to be the most acceptable. Mashed also touches on seasoning and the type of avocados one should use when making this dish (hint: no Florida imports will suffice.)