Henry Repeating Arms Pays Homage to Texas With New Tribute Rifle

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Henry Repeating Arms recently announced their first-ever tribute-edition rifle for a U.S. state with the Texas Tribute Edition. A unique addition to their line-up, the company pays homage to the Lone Star State with its .22 S/L/LR lever action rifle built on Henry’s Golden Boy platform, featuring a 20” blued steel octagon barrel, a Brasslite receiver cover, a brass buttplate and barrel band, and fully adjustable sights.

The first of its kind was recently given to NASCAR Cup Series driver Kevin Harvick in celebration of his pole qualifying win before the AAA Texas 500 at Texas Motor Speedway! Not only that, but we’re pleased to say that one of our very own Texas Hill Country team members received the rifle for a review, after which he said it was “smooth as glass.” The most notable features of this firearm are the wood furniture finished with a deep black stain which provides a stark contrast to the gun’s gold highlights. As well, both sides of the rifle are studded with inlaid metal five-pointed stars, with four on the right side of the buttstock, and a lone star on the left of the buttstock. The forestock is embellished with the word “TEXAS,” engraved in a classic Western typeface and filled by hand with gold paint. The buttstock engraving also depicts the state of Texas filled with a “Lone Star Flag” motif, which is also hand-painted in gold.

Henry Repeating Arms Pays Homage to Texas With New Tribute Rifle

Anthony Imperato, President and Owner of Henry Repeating Arms, explained, “The idea of making a special gun for Texas is something that we’ve been working at for quite some time, and we have looked at so many different designs in the process.” Imperato continued, “Texas loves guns, and we wanted to make sure that this rifle captures that unique Texas magic with a look that no one has ever seen before on a Henry. I think we nailed it.”

Dan Clayton-Luce, Communications Director for Henry Repeating Firearms, explained, “…Texas has the distinct pleasure of being the only state with an official Henry Repeating Arms tribute edition. Our products just fit right in with the Texas way of life and we always get such a great reception when we’re there.” He added, “We hope that Texans can look to this rifle as a point of pride. We pulled out all the stops with the design of this rifle and did a couple of things that we’ve never done before, so it truly is something special and unique.”

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