Homemade Pickles So Easy to Make It’s Practically a Sin!

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Everyone knows that the easiest side that packs a punch (and a crunch) at a Texas barbecue is a homemade pickle. With the fresh cucumbers you’ll be able to find at local farmers markets, you can make a classic batch of pickles quickly and easily. Plus, you can pack them nicely into mason jars for plenty to share with family and friends.

Basic white vinegar sets the stage for these deliciously crunchy pickles. You can add some fresh dill and crushed garlic cloves for the flavoring, or experiment with crushed red pepper flakes, fresh chiles, mustard seeds, and whole black peppercorns. The actual “pickling” process can happen with this recipe in as little as two hours, but if possible, try to wait 24 hours to achieve maximum flavor. Provided by the food fans at Delish, these pickles have been tested in their kitchen before sharing the recipe, which is said to last up to one week in the fridge (if you haven’t eaten them all before then!). Any leftovers can be incorporated into other recipes like potato salad!


Homemade Pickles So Easy to Make It’s Practically a Sin!

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Delish shares all the ingredients, measurements, and preparation instructions that will have you eating homemade pickles in no time flat! Rather than grabbing a jar at your local supermarket, you might already have much of the ingredients at home. The fact you can make these pickles in less time than it takes to come up with an excuse not to attend the latest food gathering that you’re unsure of, will make your pickles hit—and you’ll also have something to brag about when you get there!