Hot Buttered Rum Punch Is the Perfect Holiday Time Sipper

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Filled with a good seasonal spice mix, this sweet punch is an excellent alternative to hot spiced cider and a great addition to holiday celebrations. If hot is your thing, then this is your drink.

Hot Buttered Rum Punch can go a long way towards adding to your Christmas spirit. While you’re watching holiday specials on TV or online, while you’re preparing snacks or a meal in the kitchen, or while you’re relaxing in front of your Christmas tree, ready to put your feet up, this drink can be a perfect sipper. Featured on, the preparation is limited (maximum 10 minutes), however, the cooking time amounts to three hours, so this isn’t something you’re going to be able to hastily throw together before company comes. Plan ahead, and you should have it all prepped and ready for serving with no trouble at all.

Hot Buttered Rum Punch

Hot Buttered Rum Punch is the Perfect Holiday Time Sipper


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Dark Rum

Pineapple Juice

Jellied Cranberry Sauce




INSTRUCTIONS: walks you nicely through the direction for this recipe after it provides the full ingredient listing. A slow cooker will be required in order to ensure your spice and juice blends integrate well. And with one pot, clean up for this recipe is a breeze. According to their details, this makes approximately 10 servings, at 308 calories each – but who’s counting calories around the Christmas season anyway? Their site also features great recommendations for other drinks you might like based on this recipe, including Hot Buttered Rum itself, Hot Buttered Rum Batter (a drink mix that earned 4.5 out of five stars), and Colonial Hot Buttered Rum. This would be great paired with some Irish Apple Crisp made with that great Texas whiskey you keep in the top cupboard (the special one for guests…) Whichever way you try it, it all sounds festively fun and tasty to us!