‘Little More You’ is the Hot New Josh Abbott Band Single You Need

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Working tirelessly to focus on their music over the course of experiencing some very public ups and downs, the Josh Abbott Band recently released a hot new single. It’s entitled “Little More You,” and it precedes their pending 4-song “Catching Fire” EP. The Texas group has risen meteorically to headline festivals, burn up the charts, and basically punctuate your summer soundtracks over the past 13 years running.

In the course of that time, the band has experimented with some new tones and layers, but they’ve held true to their initial, emotionally evocative sound. With “Little More You,” their front-man, Josh Abbott himself, can be heard expressing the loving lyrics their fans can identify with, given the concept that they too have witnessed and possessed the type of head-over-heels love it focuses on.

The video for their new single, “Little More You,” features footage of Jep and Jessica Robertson from the “Duck Dynasty” franchise. The single, from the forthcoming “Catching Fire” EP, is currently available for streaming. If you call yourself any kind of JAB fan, you’re definitely going to want to have a listen. The tone of the song is meant to be uplifting, and the quality levels-up with, if not surpasses, prior singles the band has issued. The video captures the essence of the love the feature couple has for each other, and the lyrics draw today’s listener in. The signature Josh Abbott Band sound clearly emanates from this latest release. It invites fans to envelop themselves in its feelings and sensations, for sure, but mostly it welcomes them to play the heck out of it this spring and summer while they’re barbecuing, tubing, and just downright enjoying the warmer Texas weather! If “Little More You” is any indication of the music we can expect from the Josh Abbott Band on this next EP, then “Catching Fire” will be on your summertime must-have list now, just in time for all the fun in the season ahead.