Houston Family’s Texas-Shaped Pool is Making a Huge Splash in Backyard Design

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In the world of all things Texas-shaped, we tend to hold the bar pretty high on state pride. Well, that measurement may just have slipped up a notch or two with a pool installation at a private home in Houston.

You’ve seen the Texas-shaped lazy river posts from the Houston Marriott Marqui, but one area family has decided that their swimming pool should also be Texas-shaped and Texas-sized! Creating a splash in the backyard design scene, Aquascapes Pools and Spas has recently released pictures of their client’s specially-designed pool on their Facebook page. Concentrating on one-of-a-kind pools, waterfalls, and creative outdoor living areas, they definitely found their niche with this installation!

The company’s post asks, “Have you ever dreamed of a pool that was completely different than all the rest? Something so unique you weren’t even sure if it could be done? Well, we can do anything you can dream. Our designers can do anything from basic to mind blowing designs that fit what you and your family desire.” Although it’s not a first in terms of water features designed in this fashion, it’s definitely a nod to this great state that a family can be proud to call its own! Imagine the pool parties that will be had in this thing!