Houston’s Iconic ‘Be Someone’ Graffiti Gets a New Look and Fresh Coat of Paint

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Houston’s infamous “Be Someone” sign is back over the I-45 nearing downtown once again. However, locals are wondering for how long. A number of people began posting pictures of the newly repainted graffiti to their social media pages on Tuesday, June 12, thankful that the sign was restored.

The well-known and often celebrated work of street art has become synonymous with the city, almost as a beacon of sorts. It was painted over in May with the words “BE MATRESS MAC” in large white letters, although it wasn’t the first time the “Be Someone” sign was altered. Generating a variety of emotions from residents, the sign consistently manages to generate headlines over recent years, with one person going as far as starting an online movement to protect it as a city landmark. His petition has garnered over 25K signatures to date, with the intent of growing to 35K before making the final official plea to the city.

In January, it was reported that the mural was “…a treasure to everyone who lives here and is known nationwide as a symbol of Houston…Many people already view this as a Houston Landmark but it lacks the official approval and protection of the City of Houston.” Various supportive comments on the online petition site show that those in Texas have their own reasons for supporting the project. In the meantime, drivers taking the I-45 toward downtown can keep a lookout for the freshly repainted “Be Someone” graffiti. Your guess is as good as ours as to what it might say next!