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Houstonians Hope to Make Famous ‘Be Someone’ Graffiti a Protected Landmark

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Drive southbound on I-45 near downtown Houston and you’ll see the wildly popular street art piece “Be Someone” painted across a railway bridge. This year, the beloved graffiti was highlighted with a special light show, but it was also altered and defaced several times (as it is now). This is why Click2Houston.com reports that a petition has been made to make the street art an officially protected landmark.

As of now, the Change.org petition “Make Houston’s ‘Be Someone’ Art a Protected Landmark” started by Coleton Emr has already reached over 16,700 signatures. Once it reaches 25,000 signatures, it can be sent to the City of Houston, The Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission, and the Texas State Historical Commission. Within the petition, Emr writes that the “Be Someone” mural is “…a treasure to everyone who lives here and is known nationwide as a symbol of Houston…Many people already view this as a Houston Landmark but it lacks the official approval and protection of the City of Houston.”

Those who have signed have their own personal reasons for doing so. Abby Allen writes, “I love seeing this every time I drive down the freeway!” “I look at this on my way home from Work everyday and it is something special and actually positive that I get to see! It always makes the hectic Houston traffic feel a lot better once I look at it! So let’s make this happen!” Joseph Ramon says. And, Lisa Marett adds, “This is something that everyone should see. Everybody knows where this is and it is very meaningful to Houstonians.”