See How Houston’s Recognizable ‘Be Someone’ Graffiti Looks All Lit Up

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Thanks to a projector and artists with imagination and talent from Input/Output Digital lab, the “Be Someone” piece of graffiti that’s located above I-45 in Houston now has an accompanying light show. KHOU writes that the lights were on Tuesday night to the surprise and delight of drivers and street art lovers.

The “Be Someone” piece has become one of the most popular landmarks in Houston to photograph, according to ABC 13. The artist once spoke to the news to say, “When I’m painting I’m zoned out, so if the train passes by, I have my lookout with me. He had to tap me on the shoulder…I understand. I get it. It’s vandalism, but it’s in a different sense, too, if you just take those words and apply it to yourself, it might mean something to you.”

Watch how the letters were illuminated last night, and keep an eye out for more of Input/Output Digital lab’s work since they plan on working on more installations in town. There’s no confirmation as to whether or not this light show was a one-time thing or if it will reoccur. Thankfully, we have a video like the one below posted on Instagram to see how the piece looked.