Can Having Ice Cream for Breakfast Make You Smarter?

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Having your cake and eating it too is something we all seem to strive for, but finding out that eating ice cream for breakfast may make you a smarter person is just as good—and there’s research to prove it! (How would you like to be a guinea pig in that test facility?!) A recent study has revealed that when test subjects were given ice cream for breakfast they processed information more effectively and generated better reaction times, and now we’re all about that Monday morning smoothie!

Researchers managed the study in Japan and found that those who weren’t given ice cream for breakfast had slower reaction times. They also performed to a lesser ability in the processing of information in comparison to those who were given the cool treat first thing in the morning. This was determined through the mapping of high-frequency alpha waves in the test group who ate ice cream. Published by Professor Yoshihiko Koga of Kyorin University, the study suggests that treating yourself to a scoop of ice cream when you get up might produce a “mental boost.” It also suggests that your levels of alertness can be altered and the likelihood of “mental irritation” can be reduced. Those of us who aren’t necessarily morning people can appreciate that.

Can Having Ice Cream for Breakfast Make You Smarter?

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The study incorporated a series of clinical trials in which the test groups ate ice cream when they got up and followed that by digital mental exercises. The gray area in this study was that Koga had similar results when participants were given a cold glass of water. But given the same results with ice cream, which would you prefer? So, when your family members are racing for the hot java after rolling out of bed, you can run to the freezer and grab yourself a pint of Blue Bell ice cream to go with some fresh Texas Hill Country peaches to kick your day off. And to think, all those times your parents said you couldn’t have this stuff for breakfast, they were actually doing you a disservice.