Celebrities Pull the Jimmy Kimmel Trick of Telling Their Kids They Ate Their Halloween Candy

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Halloween was over a week ago, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy the “trick or treat” aspect of the holiday. Every year, Jimmy Kimmel encourages parents to prank their kids the day after Halloween by telling them they ate all of their candy in the night. This year, Kimmel was on hiatus due to medical reasons, but that didn’t stop the tradition from continuing!

In addition to the traditional compilation of viewers’ crying, whining, and sweetly forgiving kids, Kimmel pulled the prank on his daughter again this year. Kimmel had to be proud of her reaction since she remains so calm and expresses herself without going overboard.

Since Channing Tatum acted as a substitute host for “Jimmy Kimmel Live” right after Halloween, he tried the trick out on his daughter, too. But the results will make you want to reach across the screen and hug the little girl! Tatum obviously felt awful for making her so upset, and she let him know very matter of factly,”That’s not funny.”

And last but not least is pop star P!nk’s video where her husband attempted to fool their daughter, but she didn’t fall for it for one second!