Watch: Johnny Cash & June Carter Perform Legendary ‘Jackson’

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Tony Maples Photography


Those of you looking for new ways and means of being entertained can look to old methods. Among the hobbies, movies, and to-do lists that are keeping you occupied during this time of social distancing, YouTube videos of our favorite singers and musicians are keeping Texas occupied. Why? Because “music has charms to soothe the savage beast,” and singers and concerts that bring up positive feelings make for an uplifting experience. Such has always been the case with the unforgettable performances by Johnny Cash and his wife June Carter.

In the amazing clip below featuring June Carter and Johnny Cash performing their classic “Jackson,” fans from everywhere are granted the opportunity to experience their ability to make an electrifying connection with their audience. The love (and humor) shared by these two country music superstars was apparent then and still results in the type of experience you have to see to believe.

Video: YouTube/Johnny Cash

Shared on the official Johnny Cash YouTube channel, despite the song’s lyrics, the video above generates a smile for fans and the feeling that they’re welcomed into a part of the country couple’s life. Having always known how to appeal to their audience, Johnny and June appear to effortlessly own the stage and have a presence that makes listeners appreciative. With smiles on their faces, singing this ballad poking fun at each other, they performed the hit that was originally recorded on film at San Quentin prison in the state of California back in 1969. Although the song didn’t appear on the final cut for the original Cash recordings at San Quentin and wasn’t released on the CD reissue in 2000, it did appear on the 2006 San Quentin Legacy Edition, covering the entire setlist.

Cash and Carter fans here in the Lone Star State can look to the official Johnny Cash YouTube channel for even more videos that share his talents and the couples’ features together. While you’re spending time with your family or sitting by yourself in some quiet Coronavirus or COVID-19 quarantine time, it never hurts to hear some music, enjoy the artists you haven’t followed in a while, and lift your spirits.