Kids Describe a Monster From Their Imagination to an Illustrator

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Back in April, YouTube channel Watchcut uploaded a video of kids describing what they think God might look like while an illustrator interpreted their ideas onto paper. The kids watched as he drew and continued to collaborate on the vision. The video showed a charming interaction between the kind artist and his muses, and the content went viral. Now, the series of videos have continued under a new channel name called HiHo Kids, and in their latest video, Seattle illustrator Koji Minami joins his buddies to depict a monster.

The video, which already has over 111,000 views, compiles clips of the kids coming up with idea after idea while their imaginations are able to run wild. Koji never inhibits their creativity as they call out a string of traits making their monsters scary with a healthy dose of humor. One kid specifically asked Koji to draw a monster he had seen in the sea that became larger than life, and all of the children came up with something that would make haunted house owners wish they had dreamt it up.

This video should certainly go viral to get everyone into the Halloween spirit!