Life-Size Pac-Man Maze Experience Coming to Texas in 2020

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In Houston on March 21, 2020, fans of Pac-Man will be able to escape a life-size maze developed for a unique, immersive experience. The Pac-Man Maze will be making a number of stops across the U.S. next year, but Houston is the only site in Texas where it will make a Lone Star State appearance.

In the 1980s, Pac-Man was all the rage for gamers who would make their way to local arcades (before the development and advancements in the type of at-home gaming systems we see today). As a result of its popular legacy, the Immersive Gaming Event Company will bring the Pac-Man Maze to Houston for locals to experience some of their childhood in a life-size way. The maze experience intends to bring the game to life for visitors who will have the ability to play the star character.

Life-Size Pac-Man Maze Experience Coming to Texas in 2020

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Similar to the gaming experience, this life-size Pac-Man maze allows guests to act out the same chase routines that the ghosts played in the 1980s video game. You can even “lose a life” like the original game. If you lose three, the fun’s all over! Guests to the maze will harvest fruit but will also be able to decipher a secret code for a difficult puzzle. If they escape the maze, they’ll enter a room with an ’80s theme, including fun, games, and activities from that time period. Prizes will also be offered to participants throughout their visit. Tickets for the maze start at $15, with date and locations listed at the link provided here. The official website for this Pac-Man experience is available here. If you input your email address, you can be kept up-to-date with current details and updates.