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Texas Longhorn Holds Record for Largest Horn Span at Over 11 Feet!

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According to reports, a 6-year-old longhorn out of Rocksprings, Texas has set a world record for having the largest horn span for a steer. Bucklehead, as he’s named, was in attendance at an event in Oklahoma back in October 2019, during which the record was set. With more than an 11-foot horn span, he’s been the talk of the town!

The Horn Showcase was held in Lawton, Oklahoma, October 4-5, 2019. Bucklehead broke the horn span record, measuring over 11 feet from one end to the other, according to an published by the San Angelo Standard-Times. The record before his measuring was 10 feet, 7.4 inches. It had been set by a longhorn named Poncho Via out of Alabama in May 2019.

Texas Longhorn Holds Record for Largest Horn Span at Over 11 Feet!

Photo: Pixabay

At last report, Bucklehead the longhorn has the potential to be officially crowned for his accomplishment for the 2020 Guinness Book of World Records. His crowning could take place within this calendar year. Marceala Gonzales, Bucklehead’s owner, is 14 years old. Leandro, her brother, is his handler. Marceala won the longhorn at a draw for which she selected him personally. According to local press, her mother advised that transporting Bucklehead is something they have to be very careful on. To protect his horns, they tape tennis balls to their ends, and Bucklehead even has his own personal chauffeur!

The longhorn is a cattle breed known for its characteristically long horns… hence the name. They are derived from the first cattle that were brought to the “New World” by Christopher Columbus and colonists from Spain and are known for their high tolerance in drought situations as well as their diverse colors. Their diversity in horn sizes are found online through the National Texas Longhorn Museum, as well as details on individual cattle which are notable.

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