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Find Your Local Lost Cajun Right Here in the Texas Hill Country

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The Lost Cajun restaurant franchise is named after the owner but also has connections to the first Cajuns in Texas, who arrived mistakenly in the spring of 1770, after getting blown off course while en route from Maryland to Louisiana. They missed the Mississippi River, ended up at Matagorda Bay, and were promptly imprisoned as suspected smugglers by Spanish authorities. After a stint of hard labor at Goliad, the group of 30 was released in October and traversed across East Texas to Natchitoches, Louisiana, and then down to Opelousas.

If you have a hankering for Cajun food and can’t quite make it to the Golden Triangle of Texas, consider visiting The Lost Cajun restaurant instead. With four locations in Texas (and four more in the works), there is sure to be one near you. Originally created by Louisiana natives who fled hurricanes to live in the Colorado Rockies, the first shop opened in October of 2010 and the line has expanded ever since.

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The San Antonio location on 5602 W. Hausman (and coming soon, one at 226 W. Bitters) is at the end of a strip center and features an open room, set up with tables and bar seating. Once the drink order is taken, a sampler is provided to give your taste buds an education. You might think you know what to order until you try a tasting of something else! The Lost Cajun serves gumbo (cooked for four to six hours), red beans and rice, jambalaya, beignets, and other delicious Cajun and Creole staples. Service is quick and friendly, and the overall atmosphere is welcoming. Lunch specials are also available, as well as Louisiana Chicory Coffee and Abita products. If you can’t stay for a sit-down meal, take-out options are on the menu as well and can feed anywhere from one person up to 15 people. Laissez les bons temps rouler!