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The Lost Husband: Watch New Movie Filmed in the Hill Country

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If you are yearning to see the Texas Hill Country, but staying quarantined is a priority, then Hollywood has got the perfect solution! The newly released movie “The Lost Husband,” is based on a book by New York Times bestselling author Katherine Center and was filmed in Austin, Houston, Elgin, Hempstead, Bartlett, Driftwood, Round Top, and Wimberley. It was directed by Vicky Wight. Originally planned to release in theaters in April, it is now available for online rental and purchase instead.

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The story follows Libby, a woman whose husband has suddenly passed away. She’s contacted by her aunt, who offers her and her children a place to live and work, away from the city and deep into the country. There is a range of characters who are quite relatable to Texans, and the story has some unexpected moments. Rated PG-13, the runtime of “The Lost Husband” is 1 hour and 49 minutes, and it can be rented or bought here online. The cast includes veteran actors Leslie Bibb (from “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”), Josh Duhamel, Isiah Whitlock Jr, and Nora Dunn. Plus, some really cute goats!

There is undeniable romance in this movie, but the main focus is on Libby’s journey to grieve, rework her life, and move on. One online review noted The Lost Husband is “an old-fashioned but charming movie.” And there are many beautiful landscape scenes which give a true picturesque view of the Hill Country. When you can’t travel, go places through the power of film! You can even pause and keep a sunrise going longer than nature would allow. Grab some popcorn, set up a call with friends and watch it remotely together, or share a quarantine screen with a loved one. A box of tissues may be a good addition as well!