Touring the Texas Hill Country on Only a Single Tank of Gas

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Today’s average cost for a gallon of gas in the Texas Hill Country (based on statistics from is $2.39. So with that in mind, at an average mpg of 20 (based on statistics from and plenty of top-notch road trip plans to make in the area, it’s time to see where a tank of gas will take you. Doing the math, based on the statistics noted above, here are some great stops to make when touring the Texas Hill Country on a single tank of gas.

A Beautiful Start to the Texas Hill Country

Touring the Texas Hill Country on a Single Tank of Gas

Photo: Facebook/Nello Palermo

Beginning your tour of the Hill Country at San Marcos, via Ranch Rd. 12, you’ll notice a stark contrast to the otherwise rolling hills of the area, where the Balcones Fault creates a limestone escarpment. From here, go left onto FM 32 and begin traversing the Devil’s Backbone, which is the name for the ridge separating the Guadalupe and Blanco River basins. There’s a lookout area for picnicking along this route, which allows travelers to get a glimpse of the Wimberley Valley, officially welcoming you to the Hill Country.

Blanco and Johnson City

Touring the Texas Hill Country on a Single Tank of Gas

Photo: Facebook/Bill Newman

The next part of your tour takes you to the town of Blanco via Route 281. A stop at Blanco State Park is not only beautiful but can also be refreshing to those looking to cool off by its dam. Word has it that some fantastic Texas barbecue can also be found here. Then, it’s onward to Johnson City, heading north on 281, which changes to Route 290. The former hometown of President Lyndon B. Johnson is also home to the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park & Historic Site, the Texas White House, and Pedernales Falls State Park.

Willow City Loop

Touring the Texas Hill Country on a Single Tank of Gas
Photo: Facebook/BackRoads of Texas Via Joe Davis

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