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Massive Sharks (That’s Plural) Recently Caught off the Texas Gulf Coast

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The Texas Gulf Coast sees a lot of locals and tourists flock to its shores on an annual basis to make the most of the hot summer and a cool dip in its waters. However, recent reports indicate that those looking to take a dip in the ocean in the near future should keep a lookout for some rather large natural predators.

At least two very large sharks have been recently caught off Texas shores, including an 11-foot-5-inch hammerhead and a massive blacktip shark. The former was caught by a fishing crew on South Padre Island, and the latter was picked up in Galveston waters, off the San Luis Pass earlier this month.

Reports Identify Massive Sharks (That’s Plural) Recently Caught of the Texas Gulf Coast

Photo: Wikimedia

In late April, it was reported that OCEARCH (a non-profit great white shark research organization) was tracking a monster great white shark that was also thought be headed toward Texas waters, but the 12.5-foot apex predator veered off its course and moved on toward Cuba and the Bahamas. Though shark bites or attacks in Texas coastal waters aren’t unheard of, our numbers pale in comparison to other regions throughout the globe. Still, the thought that a summer dip in the ocean could result in a shark making a meal out of you isn’t exactly tantalizing. Although we’re advised not to swim for at least a half-hour after eating, sharks don’t necessarily follow the same rules.