Matthew McConaughey Shares When he Knew his Wife was ‘The One’

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In an interview with Jess Cagle from People TV, award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey was asked what made him realize his wife was “the one.” He shared that he “was not looking” for a relationship when he met her, but instead that love found him.

Camila Alves is a Brazilian-American designer and model. She met her husband in 2006 at a club on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. In the interview video below, McConaughey noted that he wasn’t a club guy, that although everything about that summer was going amazingly well, he was somewhere he wouldn’t normally have been when she caught his eye.

Video: YouTube/PeopleTV

There’s no arguing that the Texas star has had a career in the film industry of epic proportions, and McConaughey’s success seems to continue in both life and love. Having first captured the eyes of audiences nationwide in the 1993 coming-of-age film “Dazed and Confused,” he has since gone on to capitalize on his talents with award-winning roles in films such as “Dallas Buyers Club,” “A Time to Kill,” and “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Born in Uvalde, in the Texas Hill Country, McConaughey went on to attend the University of Texas at Austin, graduating in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science in Radio-Television-Film.

In 2016, the actor was hired by Wild Turkey as its creative director as well as celebrity spokesman. In 2018, he took on the role of a true-life gangster in “White Boy Rick,” which was a drama set in Detroit, Michigan in the 1980s. He followed that up with a role in “Serenity,” which was a thriller of sorts, and then went on to play in the comedy entitled “The Beach Bum.” At present, he’s been rumored to have a role in the upcoming Batman movie, slated for release in 2021. McConaughey also recently had a milestone birthday, turning 50 on November 4, 2019, at which point he signed up for an Instagram account. He’s since garnered 1.8 million followers on the popular social media platform, commenting and liking his story features (which he has noted will consistently be of a positive and affirming nature).