McConaughey Appears as Bobby Bandito for Bandana Mask Prep

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Texas Hill Country resident and American actor/celebrity Matthew McConaughey has recently taken to social media in a new role. Although he’s played several characters over the years we’ve come to know and appreciate, this one we may take to almost instantly. Bobby Bandito was the character name the actor took on in a one-minute social media video he shared with respect to fighting the spread of COVID-19 and the Coronavirus.

The actor and his family currently reside in Austin, in the Texas Hill Country, from which he has pursued his passion for teaching at the University of Texas. McConaughey and his wife also recently were seen donating masks through the BStrong initiative coordinated by Bethenny Frankel. Ensuring first responders and frontline workers throughout the Texas capital received the much-needed supplies, he and his wife have set a shining example of giving when and where it’s needed most. Now this Academy Award-winner has chosen to help in other ways, portraying a bounty hunter fighting the coronavirus.

Video: Facebook/Matthew McConaughey

Shared on Monday, April 13, 2020, McConaughey’s video as Bandito is one-minute in length, showing viewers how to make a face mask from a bandana in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and the Coronavirus. With the addition of two elastics and a coffee filter, the actor’s makeshift bandana mask is the latest in a line of video tutorials which can be found online with respect to pandemic preparation. It’s also the latest in a line of recent videos that McConaughey has issued himself with respect to members of the public staying safe during the pandemic. At the close of this latest video, he states, “It’s time for us to band together and see who can make the most badass bandito bandana so we can beat the corona-v, Bobby B.-style.”

The latest Texas statistics with respect to COVID-19 and the Coronavirus indicate that 286 deaths have resulted in this state from the pandemic. 1,176 people are still hospitalized for care due to symptoms of COVID-19 and of the 133,000 which have been tested here in Texas, 13,827 have tested positive for the virus.