The Mind’s Eye: Memories of the First Song You Danced To

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By Sonia Ramirez

Music is the window that opens up your soul, and out flows the memories of your heart. A certain song can bring back a flood of recollections from a time long gone, like the first song you ever danced to when you were young.

Country band Lady Antebellum wrote a great song titled “Dancing Away with My Heart.” In one version the group describes their accounts of the first time they ever danced with someone. This particular song inspired me to remember my first dance, and the song that lingers on in my movie screen of memories, so that when I hear the song I remember that moment in time.

The First Song You Danced To


For some their first dance may have been with their mom/dad in their living room. For others, it could have been their first Junior High Dance, and the thought of dancing with their date brought on a stomach full of butterflies and sweaty palms. In any case it was the most exciting moment of their young life up until then.

For me it was a High School dance and the song was “Careless Whisper,” by George Michael and Wham. Just like the song, I remember feeling nervous and later having my date share with me how, “as he took my hand and lead me to the dance floor,” he was nervous, too.

The First Song You Danced To

It’s amazing how one song can leave such an imprint in your mind that years later when you hear the song you are taken back to that place in time. Below are a few songs through the years that might have been for some, their first song they danced to:

1950 -“Unforgettable” (1952) by Nat King Cole. With its endearing lyrics, this could have created unforgettable memories of a first dance.

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