This Mermaid Life Jacket for Your Dog Will Light Up Your Summer

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You’ve heard of the mermaid of Salado, Texas, and if you’ve visited San Marcos, in the Hill Country, you may have had the opportunity to experience their mermaid festival. However, for those who have yet to achieve the feeling of having such a mystical creature as a part of your everyday life, you can get your dog in on the magic with the purchase of their very own mermaid-inspired life jacket.

We have Amazon to thank for some pretty epic pool floats and a pillow that looks like a giant loaf of bread (huh?), but now we can also turn to them when we’re in need of a mermaid fix. When your dog is about to jump in the water this summer, you can protect their four-legged lives with a mermaid-themed life vest. Constructed of a shiny, yet durable fabric that features a scale-like design, the life jacket also has an adorable mermaid tail which floats behind your sweet pup as they paddle along!

This Mermaid Life Jacket for Your Dog Will Light Up Your Summer


The life jacket is made by Albabara, which is a pet product brand. They seem to know a thing or two about dog safety, how much love and affection they need, and that sometimes their owners like to dress them up. There are all sorts of life jackets available online for Fido, but wouldn’t it be 10 times better to put them in one that’s mermaid-style? It comes in three different sizes to accommodate a variety of dog breeds, and it features adjustable buckles for their comfort and safety. There’s even a handle on top to help you pick up your pup in case of emergency. In case you’re wondering how you’ll live without this bougie flotation device for Bowser, we’ve got the link right here! At the low cost of $29.99, you’ll be begging them to take your money so you can have a little mermaid of your very own.