Mesquite Roasted Turkey: More Calls for Seconds Than a Traditional Bird

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Thanksgiving is practically upon us, and then comes Christmas and New Year’s Eve/Day… this isn’t a run-through of the calendar, this is a reminder that you need to get your ducks (…’er turkey) in a row for all of the dinners you’ll be having for each holiday! Do you do a traditional Texas turkey dinner for the holiday meals? Or do you opt for something different each time? For those looking to enjoy a truly unique feast, look no further than The Texas Chef for some tasty and inspired holiday dishes. Sharing a recipe for Mesquite Roasted Turkey, The Texas Chef has once again made a contribution to the internet which you will most likely want to share on social media, pin, or otherwise keep in your compendium of great dishes to know.

As the website states, the recipes that chef Stan McDonald shares to his site are either about or from the great state of Texas! This amazing turkey recipe is no exception to that rule. Identified as a “pleasant turn from the same old same old,” this recipe is a tasty success! And The McCormick Mesquite BBQ seasoning used in its creation guarantees your family won’t be disappointed!

Mesquite Roasted Turkey

Mesquite Roasted Turkey: More Calls for Seconds Than a Traditional Bird


Key ingredients for this recipe include:


Mesquite Barbecue Seasoning


You might think this is a bit too easy for something that is touted to be extremely tasty. But don’t let your mind lead you astray. Your stomach will thank you in the end! Taking the traditional turkey you would normally stuff and season according to your grandma’s recipe, The Texas Chef instead simply seasons it with mesquite barbecue seasoning. The recipe actually says to do so liberally, ensuring that each part of the turkey will have that distinct Texas-like taste to it. The end result will speak for itself in the empty plates and the family members and friends asking for seconds that will resound from your holiday dinner table!