Midland at Gruene Hall Was a Sold-Out Show, But Still Out of the Realm of Experience

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With hit songs such as “Make a Little” and “Drinkin’ Problem” under their belt, Midland is the Texas band you hoped would make it big time, and they have in leaps and bounds. Their success, however, didn’t come overnight, and they spent a good amount of time hitting the stages of Lone Star State honky tonks after having formed their harmonious country music threesome.

Those of you that follow the band on their social media pages as well as over the airwaves have a true understanding of what their performing schedule looks like now. However, those who knew them then, were simply out to have a good time, hear some great music in the process, and cheer on an act that was earning its chops on the scene.

Featured here at Gruene Hall, in the Texas Hill Country, Midland’s recording of “Drinkin’ Problem” harkens back to the song-writing glory days of the ’70s, with a bit of “…tongue-in-cheek” verbiage set to a tune that really gets your toes tapping. The setting of Gruene Hall is really quite poignant, considering the song refers to the type of individual who could very well be a regular at this monument to the type of country and western lifestyle that we’ve come to know a Texas dance hall to be. A favorite hit, played by a favorite band (who, incidentally, played Gruene Hall last weekend, and sold the place out). Add to that the fact it’s in one of our favorite places, and you’ve got a recipe for perfection!