Migas Recipes You Need to Pin for Busy Holiday Mornings

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Whether you want a hangover cure from a wild Saturday night or just want a satisfying option for a Sunday brunch, you need migas in your life. The basic dish consists of tortillas and scrambled eggs along with other ingredients for flavor and color. This dish appears in many restaurants on breakfast or brunch menus, but it’s so easy to make and simple to adapt to what’s on hand that you should try making it at home. Pin these migas recipes now for a little more spice in your morning routine.

1. Migas Casserole

Migas Recipes Migas Casserole

Photo: Pinterest/Kitschen Cat

If you want to feed a crowd, try this recipe for migas casserole from Kitschen Cat. You can turn the favorite dish of eggs cooked with tortillas into a simple dish for a lazy morning. Make this on a busy weekend or if you have guests in your house for the holidays. It’s filling, tasty, and easy-to-make. What more could you want in a breakfast dish?

2. Easy Tex-Mex Migas

Migas Recipes Easy Tex Mex Migas

Photo: Pinterest/Taming of the Spoon

This simple, yet fresh recipe for migas makes this morning dish easy. Though traditionally, migas recipes use day-old tortillas, this recipe from Taming of the Spoon fries fresh tortilla strips instead to crisp them up. It gives the dish a fresher flavor. The other ingredients are simple flavoring additions, and you can adapt them to your personal tastes.

3. Two Tortilla Migas

Migas Recipes Two Tortilla Migas

Photo: Pinterest/Food Fanatic

This recipe for migas from Food Fanantic uses two types of tortillas. Both flour and corn tortilla strips get crisped before you add the eggs. Unlike other migas recipes that only use corn, this dish with both corn and flour has a slightly different taste. If you prefer, serve the flour tortillas intact on the side instead and use only corn tortillas in the dish.

4. Cheesy Migas

Migas Recipes Cheesy Migas

Photo: Pinterest/The Cookie Rookie

Of course, most migas recipes include cheese, but this recipe from The Cookie Rookie is extra cheesy. With three types of cheese, this dish is the epitome of creamy cheesiness. You’ll wake up to a savory breakfast whenever you make this version of migas in the morning. Serve it with black beans on the side and some extra tortilla chips.

5. Migas Breakfast Tacos

Migas Recipes Migas Breakfast Tacos

Photo: Pinterest/Taste and Tell

Yes, you can marry two favorite Tex-Mex breakfasts together. Taste and Tell created a hybrid dish of migas breakfast tacos. It has all the flavors and ingredients of migas in an easy-to-eat flour tortilla. If you love migas but need an on-the-go option, make these breakfast tacos from Taste and Tell.