Locals Plan Mini-Christmas Tree Ceremony in San Antonio

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The drama surrounding the changing of the city’s Christmas tree tradition continues in San Antonio. The tree lighting ceremony, which took place in Travis Park for the first time this year, went off without a hitch the day after Thanksgiving, but many locals were still upset that the big tree wasn’t in front of the Alamo like it was for many years. Earlier this month, Steve Monreal placed a miniature Christmas tree by the Alamo, and that action got the ball rolling on a mini-tree protest.

“According to the Express News, Gina Castaneda has partnered with Monreal to host a miniature tree-lighting ceremony in Alamo Place this Saturday at 1 p.m.,” writes the SA Current. Earlier this week, an 18-foot-tall tree was placed in front of the Alamo thanks to H-E-B, but since it’s not the usual 55-footer, many still aren’t satisfied. says yet another event is planned for the Alamo Plaza involving the Christmas trees. “Texas Freedom Force, the pro-Confederate group who rallied this summer to oppose the city’s removal of Travis Park’s Confederate monument, has taken it upon themselves to host their own Alamo tree-lighting celebration on Saturday, Dec. 16th,” the news writes, with a note that neither the lighting nor the mini-tree takeover has been approved by the city.

These three little guys are trying their best to bring Christmas to Alamo Plaza #neverforget

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