Miranda Lambert Soon to Release ‘Idyllwind,’ a Clothing Line for Those With a ‘Vice’

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Through Boot Barn, a western lifestyle retailer, Texas country music superstar Miranda Lambert launched a fashion line called “Idyllwind” in 2017. It was welcome news for those who find shopping is their “Vice.”

The line shows off a wide variety of styles with both a retro and vintage vibe, including dresses, boots, coats, skirts, jeans, and tops. The full line is anticipated to be released in the Fall of 2018. However, in the meantime, reports indicate that fans and shoppers can get their hands on a variety of early-release items on the Boot Barn website and at select trunk show store locations.

The release of the clothing line came just in time for the holiday season last year. At that time, it was explained that the name “Idyllwind” is derived from a combination of “idyll,” which the page defines as “music or poem that describes peaceful country life; soft, feminine, warm, authentic,” and “wind,” or “force or action that influences; confident, courageous.”

Miranda Lambert’s ‘Idyllwind’ is a Clothing Line for Those With a ‘Vice’

Photo: Facebook/Idyllwind Fueled by Miranda Lambert

Lambert was born in Longview, Texas, and raised in Lindale with her parents’ support in her goal to become a country music singer-songwriter. She succeeded at the age of 22 with the release of her debut album “Kerosene,” which promptly went platinum. That was in 2012, and the superstar hasn’t looked back, remaining dedicated to hard work at a number of projects, including a family-owned and operated winery, MuttNation (a dog rescue foundation), and working partnerships with her counterparts that her fans continue to eagerly anticipate. The singer of such hit songs as “Vice,” “Tin Man,” and “Mama’s Broken Heart” appears to have the Midas Touch when it comes to her collaborations in business, philanthropy, and the entertainment industry. We’re looking forward to more from this Lone Star State powerhouse!