Monster Allergy: Finding Relief From Cedar Fever

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The monster allergy of Texas is Cedar Fever. Allergic reactions are the body’s way of protecting itself from attack by a foreign substance, i.e. Cedar pollen. In damp, rainy weather pollens are not as prevalent, but when it is dry, and the wind is blowing, there is no escape from the Texas Mountain Cedar, which is actually a Juniper fairly local to the Texas Hill Country. Each year, around Christmas/New Year’s this cedar begins what is called a mating season. The very small, clustered cones produce the pale, yellow/orange pollen, which not only covers the trees but the ground around them, being picked up by the wind and carried for miles.

Monster Allergy: Cedar FeverPhoto: Flickr/Camelia TWU

Cedar pollen creeps into every crevice and crack it comes in contact with, penetrating homes, businesses, cars, and our bodies through the nose and eyes. It creates a state of intense burning, itching, and incessant sneezing, making it very difficult to get through a day of activity. If you are going to be outside, wear a mask, and keep those air filters humming in your home or office. They do work.

Monster Allergy: Cedar Fever

Photo: Flickr/Dominic Tristram

Because of the severity of this monster allergy caused by the Texas Cedar pollen, most of your local news stations carry warnings of the severity of contamination for the day. Pay attention. There are over the counter allergy products that can help some people, but most cedar fever sufferers end up at their doctor’s office or an allergist’s office praying for relief.

The Peoples RX Pharmacy, in Austin, says, “there are alternative options to help alleviate your cedar fever symptoms including locally-made BioStar Botanicals Cedar Serum and Integrative Healing Institute’s CedarX. Neither of these products are homeopathic yet still offer high-powered alternatives with just as effective results! We also offer herbal and nutritional support from products such as Orthomolecular D-Hist, AllerDMG from DaVinci Labs, CompliAllers, Thorne Research Quercenase, various brands of vitamin C, enzymes and more.”


Photo: Flickr/Susy Morris

Don’t forget that a neti pot can go a long way in cleansing out your nasal passages using a saline nasal rinse, purchased at any pharmacy. But, you have to use it quite frequently to eliminate this dastardly pollen invasion. Nasal sprays, antihistamines, and even allergy masks can help. If all else fails, and you cannot function any longer, then an immunity can be built up with injections. Talk to your allergists about this procedure.

Monster Allergy: Cedar Fever

Photo: Flickr/Steve Broomhall

A dried Nettle tea with dried or fresh peppermint leaves works rather well. Add a teaspoon of each into eight ounces of hot water, with local honey to taste. The peppermint is very effective in inhibiting the secretion of anti-inflammatory enzymes, which is what makes the itching, burning sensations from allergies. Local honey and/or the bee pollen are miraculous, but they have to be taken in advance in order to build-up an immunity to local pollens, such as the cedar pollen.

For some people there seems to be no relief from such a monster allergy, except vacating the area until pollination season is over, or moving forever. If you love the Texas Hill Country, then those options are not feasible. Keep searching for anything that can bring you some relief and, rest assured, as soon as pollination season is over your allergies will settle down.

As always, be sure to consult your physician before using any natural remedies or before changing your healthcare regimen, especially if have allergies, are currently experiencing health problems, or are taking any medication.