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Texas A&M Beats Out Longhorns: Most Valuable College Football Program

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In a report recently released by Forbes, Texas A&M University has come out on top as the most valuable college football team in the U.S. The report states that Texas A&M led the nation in average yearly revenues of $148 million over the course of the three years prior to last season.

By the Forbes report, the Aggies surpassed the University of Texas due to $260 in alumni contributions, which beat out the Longhorns’ contributions of $123 million. These contributions assisted in the renovation of Kyle Field (to the tune of $485 million), as well as the construction of E.B. Cushing Stadium for the school’s track team, and Davis Diamond for its softball team. Not only that, but the Aggies hired coach Jimbo Fisher to a 10-year contract. According to Rivals.com, this appears to have had a great return on investment, with the Aggies being recognized as third in 2019 recruiting class.

Forbes Names Texas A&M M.V.P. of U.S. College Football Programs

Photo: Facebook/Texas A&M Football

According to the magazine, the other Top 10 revenue producing schools were Michigan and Alabama (both at $127 million), Ohio State at $120 million, Oklahoma at $118 million, Notre Dame, Auburn, and LSU (all at $112 million), and Florida at $111 million. The Aggies averaged a little more than 103K fans per home game throughout the three years which were reviewed.

Forbes Names Texas A&M M.V.P. of U.S. College Football Programs

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Texas A&M Athletic Director Scott Woodward explained, that Aggies’ commitment to excellence has always been apparent, and comes as no surprise to him. Woodward has been with Texas A&M’s athletic department for two-and-a-half years now and previously worked with Fisher at LSU. He stated that winning would be the best way to keep the drive alive and remain the most valuable football program.