‘Must Be The Whiskey’ is the New Cody Jinks Release We’ve Been Waiting For

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Hailing from Denton, Texas, Cody Jinks stays true to his roots with a refreshing country sound in a world of music that appears to be mixing its genres. With serious undertones of classic country, his previous releases have earned him a level of respect from his counterparts and fans that many Texas singers only dream of achieving. Those who have long yearned for the kind of sound that speaks of tradition and good melodies have tuned in and turned him up.

The latest album from Jinks, scheduled for release on July 27, could quite possibly be referred to as his most anticipated so far. From that, his first single release, entitled “Must be the Whiskey,” is now out, enticing fans even further. Speaking to life’s darker relationship details, it tackles love gone wrong and, of course, how whiskey either helps or hinders.

Published June 14 to the Cody Jinks YouTube channel, the song is meeting positive reviews from fans who’ve taken the time to comment and give him feedback on his latest work. “New Cody Jinks music! Been waiting…Not disappointed!” one listener commented. “When I found this song last night there had only been 624 views. I wake up and there’s 2.1k, which I can’t say that doesn’t surprise me one bit… it’s an AMAZING SONG! I hope the rest of the album is as great as this one song. But knowing you Cody Jinks, it will be,” another noted. At the time this article was written, it should be noted that more than 93K views had been logged on this video. We’re certain with his talents, the type of teaser this song is, and the music he’s known for releasing, Jinks has several hits on his hands with this upcoming album.