What’s in a Name? Find Out Texans’ Favorite Names for Their Pickups

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National Name Your Car Day is happening on October 2, and we want to hear if you’ve ever had the opportunity to give your mode of transportation a moniker of its very own. Many relate to their rides with a sense of pride, giving them almost human characteristics along the way. Some folks call their pickups, cars, or vans a “he” or a “she,” and refer to them as being “reliable,” “faithful,” and “trusty.” Well, a recent Harris Poll found out just how much Americans love their trucks in particular, and the names they attribute to them.

Texans have long displayed an affinity for pickup trucks, both as workhorse rides and family grocery-getters. To witness the extent of this, one simply needs to ride down any Texas highway or rural road. The number of pickups in comparison to cars and vans could almost be captured in a sort of game – counting as you ride from town to town or city to city. Chevrolet wanted to go a step further and quantify those figures. As such, they partnered with Harris Poll to ask over 1K pickup truck drivers throughout America how they felt about their trucks. They also asked them in what ways they make use of them to assist their fellow community members, and if they had given their trucks a name.

What’s in a Name? Find Out Texans' Favorite Names for Their Pickups
Photo: Chevrolet

Some key highlights they gleaned were that 27 percent of American pickup truck drivers loved their trucks so much that they did, in fact, name them. Of those, the most popular name in the U.S. was “Betsy.” Following that, the most popular truck moniker was “Big Red” (which actually encompassed variations of “Big/Little/Old Red”) 57 percent of study participants also identified that they consider their pickup truck a part of their family.

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