You Could be Neighbors With Willie Nelson in the Hill Country

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Country music fans everywhere should be swooning. Why? Because a tract of land is listed for sale in the Texas Hill Country, right next door to Luck Ranch. You could literally be neighbors with Willie Nelson! We’ll give you a minute or two to let that sink in.

Large parcels of land are often known to be sold in Texas. Ranchland, farmland, and family acreage that’s been owned for generations have hit the market in recent years. However, coming in at 632 acres, this property has one feature that none of the others had. Being immediately next door to Willie Nelson is something anyone could be pleased as punch to say and share, never mind the fact that the land entails more space than the entire University of Texas at Austin campus (which is 430 acres!).

You Could be Neighbors With Willie Nelson in the Hill Country

Photo: Facebook/Dawson Rutledge

Among the sales features, the property borders Lake Travis, with 3,300 feet of cliff frontage, in addition to mature trees, a private cove (have mercy!), and rolling hillsides (hello, Texas “Hill” Country). It’s ripe for whatever you wish to establish, having only a boat ramp, two docks, and a bunkhouse as its structures. Can you say, “Willie Nelson-Watching Party?” If you just set some comfortable seats up in the bunkhouse, play some of his tunes, pour some whiskey, and hand out complimentary binoculars, you’re bound to attract a crowd! Disclaimer: we don’t recommend trying this. He’s likely not as much a fan of being watched as his career leads you to believe.

You Could be Neighbors With Willie Nelson in the Hill Country

Photo: Instagram/wearetexashillcountry via @lotus_angel7

Who wouldn’t want this charming piece of the Hill Country, let alone shouting from the rooftops that you’re the neighbor to Willie Nelson? Senior Vice President of NewQuest Properties, Brad Elmore, told, “The property has high potential as a residential or resort development. But the buyer could be another high-net worth individual who wants a ranch on the lake and appreciates the long-term value of the property.” At present, the property is owned by Houston residents. Despite there being no price tag at present, Elmore told local media it could bring a sum of $30 million or greater. It’s a mere drop in the bucket to be close friends with the Red Headed Stranger. It’s the price of fame!