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A Roundup of New Texas Laws That are Now in Effect

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Effective September 1, 2019, a new set of laws were enacted in Texas which were given approval during this year’s legislative session. Here’s a summary of a few that have changed:

Delivery of Alcohol

The delivery of alcohol in conjunction with food to either a home or another location aside from the licensee’s address is now permitted under SB 1232, which allows bars, restaurants, or other such businesses with a mixed beverage permit to do so.

Unsolicited Nude Pictures

Those who regular DM or text unsolicited nude pictures can now be charged with a class C misdemeanor as a result of HB 2789, which makes it illegal to send nude photos to someone who hasn’t asked for them. This includes via dating apps, emails, and any other medium.

A Roundup of New Texas Laws That are Now in Effect

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Minimum Age for the Sale of Tobacco

The laws that govern the sale of tobacco have changed. The minimum age to purchase cigarettes in Texas has been bumped to 21 by SB 21.

Brass Knuckles

It’s now legal to carry brass knuckles since HB 446 removed them from the list of prohibited weapons.

Sexual Assault

The definition of sexual assault in Texas has been broadened under SB 1259. Should a health care provider use “human reproductive material from a donor knowing that the other person had not expressly consented to the use of material from that donor,” this will now be considered sexual assault in the State of Texas.

Sexual Assault Kit Testing

HB 8 has established a time frame for the submission and testing of newly collected sexual assault kits. Kits are to be collected from medical facilities by law enforcement representatives within a seven to 14-day time period. Kits are also required to be tested by crime labs within 90 days of their receipt. Rape kits which are related to unsolved cases are prohibited from being destroyed for the period of 40 years or until the expiration of the statute of limitations.

A Roundup of New Texas Laws That are Now in Effect
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