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New Texas Law Will Allow Alcohol Delivery With Food

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Beginning September 1, 2019, some Texas retailers will be allowed to deliver alcohol together with food thanks to a bill Governor Greg Abbott has just signed into law. This means that restaurants that possess beer and wine permits as well as stores, such as H-E-B, which sell alcohol, will be able to deliver these products to their customers. Governor Abbott shared the news over Twitter, adding the words, “Enjoy responsibly.”

“There are some key rules though. The alcohol must be sealed in original containers, like cans or bottles,” says DUI defense attorney Sherry Cross. “Both the delivery person and the customer must be 21 years old or older. The customer must show valid ID and sign a receipt when they receive the delivery.”

The Texas Restaurant Association supported the bill which stipulated that all such deliveries must also be accompanied by food. This means that an individual couldn’t just order a delivery of alcohol on its own. Those facilities that have a mixed beverage permit must await word on SB 1450, which is similar in nature. This refers to the delivery of drinks that are mixed and prepackaged, which would not include cocktails that are made on-site.

New Texas Law Will Allow Alcohol Delivery With Food

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For Texas businesses, this could be pivotal. However, there are others who feel that improved access to alcohol such as this may have adverse implications. The opportunity for the improvement of the financial bottom line for many Lone Star State businesses is a boon. On the other side of the coin, what that might result in socially has yet to be determined. The new law will require that both the customer as well as the delivery person be 21 years of age. Conversely, Amazon Prime Now has been in the business of delivering alcohol to a number of cities in this manner since 2018, including San Antonio. Their services feature a two-hour delivery window for qualifying members. The long-term effects (positive and negative) on Texas-based businesses, as well as the population in general, with the passing of this new law remains to be seen. The ability to make your Friday night date night at home an epic one, complete with your favorite meal and a drink to cap off the night delivered right to your door, is now at your fingertips. A copy of the new law is available here for review.