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‘Nick Foles Day’ Was February 9 and Matthew McConaughey is a Big Fan

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If you read Sunday’s copy of the Austin American-Statesman, you’ll quickly see what the big deal is all about. Unless you’ve lived under a rock recently, you’ll already know that Texas native Nick Foles has won a Super Bowl ring with the Philadelphia Eagles (also being named the MVP), is co-owner of a restaurant in the Hill Country, had a day officially declared in his honor, and now, counts Matthew McConaughey as one of his biggest fans. The actor recently took out an entire full-page ad in his honor, congratulating him on the Eagles’ Super Bowl win against the Patriots.

‘Nick Foles Day’ Was February 9 and Matthew McConaughey is a Big Fan

Photo: Facebook/Ruben Nepales

Never let it be said that McConaughey’s Texas-sized actions in support of local communities and people could ever be outdone, but this truly came as a great surprise. His advice to Foles in the ad following that epic win was to, “Just keep livin.” Even though the actor is known to be a Washington Redskins fan, the fact that he purchased the ad reminds us all that his love for all things Texas remains tried and true.

‘Nick Foles Day’ Was February 9 and Matthew McConaughey is a Big Fan

Photo: Facebook/The Nick Foles Era

Since Foles hails from Austin, where McConaughey presently resides, the connection wasn’t hard to make and makes perfect sense why he chose the Austin American Stateman as his canvas for showing such appreciation. Not only that, but Foles was also the subject of much adoration from the city. Austin Mayor, Steve Adler, recently proclaimed February 9 to be “Nick Foles Day” in his honor. So, if you’re keeping track, this young man has been named Super Bowl MVP, gets to go to Disney World for free, has the City of Austin declare a day in his honor, and had a world-class actor purchase a full-page ad in a Texas newspaper in recognition of all he’s achieved. If you’re Nick Foles, you’re doing “…alright, alright, alright.”