Nine Truly Texan Things to Do While in Quarantine

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6. Watch Texas musicians online. While going to concerts is currently a no-go, many local musicians are playing live concerts on social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Check them out and let them know how much you love their sound. While you’re at it, discover new Texas authors and download their writings on the internet.

Nine Truly Texan Things to Do While in Quarantine

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7. Wash your truck. Is your truck filthy from the wet weather and oak pollen? Give it a bath from the privacy of your own driveway! If you don’t have a soap specifically for cars, then focus on the windows with a little glass cleaner (inside and out). Be sure to use a separate sponge to clean the tires, which are their own kind of gross.

8. Stream the 1985 movie “Fandango.”Set in 1971 Texas and featuring actors such as Kevin Costner in his first starring role, the scenery will help deal with being in the confines of your house.

9. Stargaze! The stars at night are big and, well, you know the rest. If you are lucky to be away from light pollution, step outside after the sun goes down and look up. If a metropolitan area is your home, then track the sky using free software online. Be sure to plan for the April Lyrids meteor shower April 16 – 26, 2020. Fingers crossed for no clouds!

What are you doing to keep your social distance and stay entertained?

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