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North Texas Under Invasion by Massive Swarm of Crickets

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An invasion of sorts has taken place in north Texas. Not unlike many years before, crickets have made their way into the area for the season, however, this year the experts have stated that there’s an increase in cricket numbers.

According to Janet Laminack of Denton’s Texas AgriLife Extension, it’s not unusual to see a large number of crickets, but what is rare about this year’s crop of crickets is where they’re being found, such as in plain sight at their own offices. While being interviewed, several of them crawled across the floor.

North Texas Faces Larger Than Usual Cricket Invasion

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This year’s north Texas field cricket season appears to be worse than its predecessors. Laminack says they don’t know why, but suspects it’s connected to the lack of a wet spring or summer. As the season progresses, the cricket numbers peak in August and September. This is the time of year when the summer drought conditions make way for cooler temperatures and rainfall. Aside from the noise of their chirping, no additional problems have been noted by this invasion. Tips for those who find this to be more of an annoyance are to turn off unnecessary lighting to keep the crickets from trying to move indoors. If need be, pesticides have proven effective. If you find them indoors, they can quickly be removed with the use of a vacuum, but otherwise, time is the only cure. The crickets will certainly leave as soon as the weather turns cold.