Is the Old Asylum Really the Most Haunted Place in North Texas?

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Opening its doors in 1926, Dr. White’s Sanitorium, otherwise known as the Old Asylum, is reported to be among the most haunted places in north Texas. As far as treatment facilities go, its patients were given the ability to freely roam its halls, and some say they still reside (in a fashion) in Wichita Falls.

At Dr. White’s Sanitorium, tuberculosis patients of the early 20th century were given bedrooms and a full library, as well as access to the majority of the building in what is described as a residential-type atmosphere as opposed to an institution.

According to reports, the building, which was formerly abandoned, has since been converted into a residence. Prior to that, a few brave souls explored the place and reported the possibility of running into some lost souls themselves. One claimed to hear a sink running down in the basement, but the water had been disconnected for a number of years.

Is the Old Asylum Really the Most Haunted Place in North Texas?

Photo: Facebook/David Glover

Although additional sites had previously indicated that this was, at one point, an insane asylum, there has been no evidence to support that theory. The belief is that over time, stories become engrained in people’s mind, and with the help of the internet, they snowball into a life of their own. Truth be told, the reports of voices and experiences occurring in this facility are hard-pressed to be backed by fact. A quick online search will produce a variety of links and videos to the contrary, however, each one is to be taken with a grain of salt. What do you think? Was there something more going on here than meets the eye? Do you feel that a jilted spirit or lost soul may yet be wandering the halls of Dr. White’s Sanitorium?