No Time to Smoke? Try Overnight Brisket Shipped Straight to Your Door

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Many people from Texas pride themselves on their ability to produce mouthwatering barbecue. Some, however, may not necessarily be endowed with that skill. After all, barbecuing isn’t just something you can pick up like riding a bicycle. Like any true artwork, it’s part learned skill, part inherent talent. Not only that, but cooking anything with care, that results in great taste, genuinely requires an investment of time. That being said, why not consider ordering a completely prepared brisket as opposed to smoking it yourself?

That’s right. If you’re looking to impress without all the fuss, time, and energy, for your next “cookout,” try ordering-in! A group of Texas A&M University experts from Rosenthal Meat Science and Technology Center host cooking seminars, but also provide retail services. Simply call them up, order a slow-smoked brisket, and wait for overnight delivery (generally via FedEx). Or you can personally pick it up in College Station. Either way, it’s bound to wow your friends and family, and you could quite possibly take credit for it (if you didn’t have a conscience, that is!).

No Time to Smoke? Try Overnight Brisket Shipped Straight to Your Door

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The temptation to maintain a reputation as a true Texas barbecue aficionado is often pressure enough for folks to try some risqué cooking methods. This, however, isn’t risky whatsoever! There are several product offerings that are perfect for any Texas BBQ lover to enjoy. In fact, according to reports, the two most popular items which are sold via the Rosenthal Meat Science and Technology Center are beef jerky and hickory-smoked bacon. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy the wonderful flavor of such products without doing all the work!