How Do You Prep Your Brisket? Watch Texas Pitmasters Give Their Professional Tips

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Tony Maples Photography


In this 2.5-minute video on Destination America’s YouTube channel, Texas pitmasters JD Davidsmeyer, Matt Pittman, and Junior Urias explain how best they would prep a Texas brisket to best do what they do and barbecue!

Starting out with JD Davidsmeyer from South Texas, viewers can clearly see that each individual has their own “secrets” to ensuring their brisket is prepared properly. Being willing to share those secrets isn’t so much the issue as knowing whether or not an individual or team has the wherewithal to complete the full process in competition like they do. Matt Pitman follows up with his Central Texas methods, including injection as well as seasoning. He walks viewers through his method and the reasoning behind it in a straightforward fashion. Following that, Junior Urias explains the method he uses to prepare the brisket based on where he grew up in West Texas. His method focuses on marinating the meat for roughly 30 minutes.

The video is a clip from Barbecue Pitmasters, the series produced for TV on the Destination America channel. Running for seven seasons, the show began in early December of 2009 and aired its final episode on July 16, 2015. The show features barbecue champions Myron Mixon, Tuffy Stone, and Moe Cason witnessing barbecue teams from various states duke it out for top honors at the final cook-off, where the champion wins a $50,000 cash prize as well as entry into the prestigious Kingsford Invitational.