Pasadena Couple Installs Texas-Shaped Pool in Backyard

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Is there any doubt in your mind that Texans take great pride in and have a great love of their state? They aren’t all talk about it either. Many find considerably creative ways to express it. That’s most definitely true with the Rogers family from Pasadena. They’ve installed a Texas-shaped pool in their backyard, and it’s just as awesome as you would imagine!

Cody Rogers recently shared images of his family’s Lone Star State oasis which holds close to 30,000 gallons. He explained that he and his wife both grew up in the Houston area, and both their fathers instilled a passion for Texas in them from a young age. He noted that his wife had long wanted a pool, and although he wasn’t originally thrilled with the idea, it grew on him. When it came time to determine its shape or design, they put it to fellow Texans for a vote!  “When we couldn’t decide between standard pool shape or Texas, we put it to a vote with our monthly couples dinner club, ‘The SSC.’ The votes were unanimous and helped sway us,” he explained in a quote from

Pasadena Couple Installs Texas-Shaped Pool in Backyard

Photo: Facebook/Cody Rogers

Rogers told KHOU 11 News their Texas pool was fully installed just in time for the summer swimming season, but with the potential for chilly days, the Panhandle portion is a raised, heated spa. There’s also a tanning ledge and water features in the area of West Texas, and the South Texas depth reaches seven feet. Thanks to the underwater lighting they had installed, it’s just as beautiful to gaze upon at night. The Rogers have two young children who will be able to take advantage of their parents’ recent pool installation and will most likely grow up having an equally strong love of Texas as a result!