Pendleton and Disney Partner for Fun and Fancy Home Décor

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Hitting the hot list this year, Pendleton has partnered with Disney, coming out with a line of their bright, colorful designs with southwest flare and a character twist. The leader in western wool and textiles for the high-end home has wowed its fans and followers with these products, and if your child or home could use a little Disney in their designs, this line will speak to you.

Pendleton and Disney Partner for Home Décor That’s Both Fun and Fancy

Photo: Facebook/The Museum Store at Tamástslikt Cultural Institute

Elsa from the movie “Frozen” and Mickey himself are separately featured on their own blankets, while the entire cast of “Frozen” get their own signature Pendleton look and feel. Adding some Disney fun to their line isn’t the first time Pendleton has surprised followers, coming out with a “Star Wars” line that wowed Jedi fans. For years Texas homes have been adorned with their products, and this year, Mickey celebrates his 90th birthday, so it makes sense that a merging of the designs and appeal (which both have far-reaching recognizability) will be found in discerning Disney lovers’ homes as well.

It’s not the first time Pendleton and Disney have seen eye-to-eye in business. When Disneyland opened in 1955, a Pendleton “Dry Goods Emporium” opened onsite as well, and became part of the nostalgia that many a family still have of their trip to the magic kingdom. According to the company’s blog, “The store was a rustic wonderland of Pendleton’s woolen products, along with belts, wallets, hats, and other Western-themed merchandise.” The Disneyland Pendleton store was a great success, but sadly, in 1990 their partnership ended amicably when Disneyland Resorts chose to merchandise more of the Disney line as opposed to that of outside retailers. Today, Pendleton products can still be found in Disneyland, for sale at the Bonanza Emporium and Ramone’s House of Body Art. Now, fans and families can order a piece of the Pendleton and Disney partnership for their home through this line of blanket designs that are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!