The Perfect and Easy Piña Colada of Your Drinking Dreams

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When you think of a hot Texas summer, your mind immediately begins to drift toward things that help you enjoy or beat the heat. One of these is a refreshing piña colada. Although it seems difficult to type, and sometimes harder to say (depending on how many you’ve had), this drink is simple to make! In fact, it’s a three-ingredient recipe that will have you sipping with your feet up in no time flat.

If you’re at all curious about its name, its meaning from Spanish is “pineapple” (piña) “strained” (colada), and it’s said that it originated in Puerto Rico. However, there are two versions to the story. One states that Roberto Cofresí, a Puerto Rican pirate, concocted the beverage to boost the morale of his crew. Another version of its origins recognizes Ramón “Monchito” Marrero as the creator of the beverage in 1954 while a bartender at the Caribe Hilton Hotel. The experts of all things summer-drink related at Malibu Rum don’t dicker about where or when it was created, but have taken the time to put together the recipe for a piña colada in an easy-to-follow video format which they share at the link available here. With a quick stop at your local H-E-B or Whole Foods, you can easily grab the ingredients you’ll need to mix this up and sip to your heart’s delight mere minutes after pulling in the driveway. You don’t need a blender or special processes to get this drink down to perfection. And with that in mind, you can call up a few friends, put together some great appetizers, and share a round (or two, three, four…) of this classic summer drink.

Piña Colada

The Perfect and Easy Piña Colada of Your Drinking Dreams


Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Malibu Original Rum

Pineapple Juice

Coconut Cream


Get yourself a shaker and some ice in advance, to facilitate the making of this drink and ensure it will go even smoother than first planned. Malibu Rum shares all the details on their website for the perfect (and easy!) piña colada, so you’ll never have to worry you’re not doing it right. Once you try the first drink, we’re pretty positive you’ll want to make more. The rest of your summer can be spent chilling in the backyard with one of these in your hand, since you’ll be an expert!