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Pets are our Treasures: An Emotional Bond that Can’t be Broken

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Sometimes it is difficult for those of us who are not pet owners to understand or appreciate what it is like to have a pet, and the emotion­al bonding between the two. A pet can be an important part of a person’s life. Some­times pets may be all that person has to live for.

Historically, animals were used to guard and pro­tect the domicile or help hunt food for the camp. They pulled, carried, bred, bled and died for the sole purpose of helping the human race. Today, only a few animal varieties are consumed as food or used in sport. Many more have become our pets.

In fact, Americans spend more money on their pets than to send missionaries into foreign fields. The pet food aisle is one of the largest, with hundreds of items at most supermarkets. Giant stores stand ready to serve and sell any number of pet supplies and services.

Pets are our Treasures: An Emotional Bond that Can't be Broken


Most of my friends are pet owners, so I have been privileged to come into contact with their pet friends on a constant basis. Actually, some of my worst dating experiences occurred as a result of meeting someone’s pet. Once I was attacked by a 32-pound Siamese cat as he hurled himself from the fire­place mantel onto the sofa, where his owner and I were having a robust discussion of Texas Tax Law. After about ten minutes of fierce combat with his fur flying and my blood dripping everywhere, I found a part of my ear lobe on the floor and the tip of his tail in my shirt pocket. Needless to say my CPA training was over.

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