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Pets are our Treasures: An Emotional Bond that Can’t be Broken

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Through the years, I have stepped in feeding bowls, water containers, and litter boxes. I’ve knocked over aquariums, and disturbed roosting parrots on my way through a darkened restroom. I have been dog bit, cat clawed, and fish finned in meandering through my social calendar, and yet, those creatures played such an important part in the lives of their owners, how could I complain? Days are a little brighter and nights not so dark when you have a small, cuddly warm body with a wet nose attach itself to your heart. Now, I’m still talking about the pet.

Pets are the little fuzzies that heaven has given us to make life on earth more palatable. They love us despite our human shortcom­ings. Our pets accept us for what we are, even though we may be fat, unkempt, poor, unemployed, or have morn­ing breath. It is called uncon­ditional love. When you arrive home from work, they are there to greet us and are genuinely happy to see us. Our pets make us feel impor­tant, and let us know we are needed. They are totally dependent on us for comfort.

I had a friend once who had two cats. The large male was named Caesar. The small female was named Buttercup. They fought all the time. Caesar always beat up on Buttercup. She took them to a cat psychiatrist several times who indicated that Caesar was a bully and suggested that she needed to be patient with Caesar and talk to him gently when he misbehaved. He charged her $800. I volunteered to help. I took Caesar to the vet and had him fixed. Everyone lived happily ever after. Everyone that is but me. It has been twenty years and she hasn’t spoken to me since.

Pets are our Treasures: An Emotional Bond that Can't be Broken

Too bad people can’t be more like their pets. Here are some of the things that pets do not do:

1. Talk about people to other animals;

2. Borrow money or break commitments;

3. Hold a grudge even when treated unfairly — a gentle voice and a loving pat allows their little hearts to implode with love and forgiveness.

Here are things that pets do:

1. Share everything with their owners. Noth­ing is kept private, whether it is eating, potty training, giving birth, or having sex;

2. They court our attention, touch us as often as possible, and show off at every opportu­nity;

3. They place us at the center of their universe, looking to us for love, shelter, food, protection and affection.

Pets are our Treasures: An Emotional Bond that Can't be Broken

Photo: Buster the Cat by Erin Baxter

Writing this particular column has caused me to reassess my status as a pet owner. Frankly I’m leaning toward getting either a bull snake or an Arizona burro. Both have tremendous assets and loving qualities. It may take me a while to make up my mind.

This column is dedicated to my editor Erin Baxter who recently lost her Husky Mikko and her loving cat Buster.

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