Plants That Purify Your Indoor Air

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Nearly everyone has some kind of houseplant in their home and/or office. There are people who have green thumbs and can make a fence post bloom and there are others that turn grass brown when they walk on it. Rest assured, there are plants that are tough enough for anyone to grow. The objective is to put in plants that are known to purify your indoor air. There are hundreds to choose from.

Garden Mums

Plants That Purify

Photo: Pixabay

Garden Mums remove ammonia, benzene, and formaldehyde. Other plants recommended that remove these same chemicals and purify your indoor air is the Chinese Evergreen, Mass Cane, and the Ficus, which we all know is a great overall air cleaner. Rubber Plants give off an extremely high degree of oxygen and will remove several toxins from the air.

Boston Fern

Plants That Purify

Photo: Flickr/Wendy Thomas

The Boston Fern has a reputation for being the best plant to purify your indoor air. Xylene, found in plastic is no match for this superb air filtration system among many other toxins. It is also a natural humidifier and very attractive.

Gerbera Daisy

Plants That Purify

Photo: Flickr/zizzybaloobah

We all love the Gerbera Daisy.  It removes cancer-causing chemicals and has a reputation for improving your sleep because of the large amounts of oxygen it gives off and the absorption of carbon dioxide while you are sleeping. Alternative medical doctors highly recommend this plant for persons with sleeping ailments.

Aloe Vera

Plants That Purify
Photo: Flickr/Olga Berrios

Nearly every home has some Aloe Vera growing and it will remove formaldehyde from your air. It is not just for burns or cuts and scrapes.


Plants That PurifyPhoto: Facebook/DIY Gardening & Better Living

Philodendrons will grow almost anywhere except in full sun. Anyone can grow this plant and it has a long-standing reputation for replenishing oxygen in our homes and ridding your home or office of Xylene, which is a toxin found in glues and commercially processed leather. There are a few varieties that can grow outdoors, but only in frost-free zones. If you should happen to have any mice as pets, this plant is poisonous to rats and mice and will make dogs and cats ill. Keep it hanging high.

Mother in Law’s Tongue, Corn Plants, Airplane plants, Bamboo plants, and Moth Orchids are just some others that can aid in purifying the indoor air in your home or office.

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