Texas Music Spotlight: The Powell Brothers

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This week’s Texas Music Spotlight sets its sights on The Powell Brothers. Born and raised in Kingwood Texas, Blake and Taylor Powell have been taking the Texas Music scene by storm. After a few years backing various other projects, the boys finally decided to join forces in 2014. And with their latest EP, “Introducing…The Powell Brothers” steadily moving up Texas Music charts, this brotherly duo is a force to be reckoned with.

Gaining Strength

The Powell Brothers’ musical roots are truly a family tradition. Their dad is a musician with a local church band, and their uncle is a renowned bluegrass picker. They are self-proclaimed choir nerds who are able to learn new instruments (and songs) on the fly. For example, when older brother Blake called on little brother Taylor to fill in for his then band’s bass player, Taylor not only learned how to play the instrument, but also learned over 15 of the band’s songs – all in the span of two weeks! Just recently, the brothers were called on stage to join Kevin Fowler in Concan for a raucous rendition of Kevin’s trademark anthem, “Beer, Bait and Ammo.” Knowing the song, but not quite every word, they laugh and admit they were very nervous when they walked on stage. However, with the aplomb of seasoned performers, The Powell Brothers rose to the occasion and pulled it off without a hitch. Just what you would expect from guys who are able to learn instruments and songs in a matter of days!

Upward Spiral

Texas Music artists The Powell Brothers

Photo: Facebook/BrothersPowell

Released November 2016, their first radio single, “Four Wheel Hotel,”, debuted on both the Texas Regional Radio Report and the CDX Traction Texas music charts. The song speaks to the trials of being on the road as an independent act and spending your nights in a “four wheel hotel.” It’s no joke when the song talks about “crashing in a Walmart parking lot” or how you can’t “afford the gas to keep the A/C on.” Even at that, the brothers admit they left out some of the “less glamorous” aspects of living in their very own four wheel hotel. We’re just glad they take it all very tongue-in-cheek and continue to roll on. As Blake candidly puts it, “If it’s not gonna be fun, then why do it?”

Fortunately Unintentional

Texas Music Artists The Powell Brothers

Photo: Facebook/BrothersPowell

With the release of “Introducing…The Powell Brothers” the boys are set to make their move to the big time. The first single from the EP, “Evangeline” is steadily climbing the Texas Regional Radio Report. Debuting six weeks ago, it continues to gain more airplay every day and shows no sign of slowing down. A song that is at once catchy, yet meaningful, it touches on the troubles in many a relationship. And, while we hear the man’s side of the story, we can’t help but feel for sweet Evangeline, too. 

The Best Of…

Texas Music Artists The Powell Brothers

Photo: Facebook/BrothersPowell

The video for the song was filmed on location at Cane Garden Bay in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. Not only did the brothers have to overcome an incoming hurricane, but they also had to spend some time clearing up their work visas. But, that’s a story for them to tell. Make sure to follow The Powell Brothers’ Facebook page for the next installment of their adventures filming “Evangeline.” In the meantime, check out their tour dates here. Don’t miss out on catching these guys live soon, Texas Hill Country. You’ll be glad you did.