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Raindrops Against the Moon: A Stormy Night in Texas

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The backyard is dry now. The earth has begun to crack, providing escape for nocturnal spiders and other creatures with hairy legs and shells that crack when stepped on.

Just two weeks ago, the backyard was covered with more than three inches of running angry water. It looked and moved more like Lake Okeechobee than a hilltop in Texas.

For three weeks, it rained nearly every day. The rain came in the morning in time to add chamber music sounds to the cooking of breakfast while filling the darkening sky with rumblings.

Afternoon showers made me sleepy as the rain splashed against the tall windows in the library that offered a view of the hills to the north. It patted a lullaby that whispered encouragements to rest and nap until supper.

But it was the rain at night that made the world almost mystical, as the storms exploded from a blackened canopy.

Raindrops Against the Moon: A Stormy Night in Texas
Photo: envato elements

Late one night, as the Sand Man crept across the ebony-shrouded sky, shaking his sleep powder among the neighborhood houses, a storm from the north followed in his footsteps.

The blinking alarm clock told me the power has been cut off some time in the night and might go out again before morning. I reached for the lamp near the bed and for a moment there was brightness. Then all went dark as deep-throated rumbling noises moved in patterns of velocity throughout the house. “Tator Wagon” sounds washed like the Gold Coast surf against my inner ear.

The chandelier in the dining room made a clanking sound anchored by wind chime moans from the back porch. Continuous lightning caused ghost shadows to finger-paint across the walls. A chair or lamp became haunting creatures with their outlined shadows made into caricatures around the room.

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